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24 Mar 2015 >> News, Top story

No to Islamophobia #MuslimLives Matter
From Ferguson to London #BlackLivesMatter
Stamp out out Anti-Semitism
Immigrants are Welcome Here
Yes to Diversity
Last Saturday, 15,000 people marched across Britain in demonstration …

23 Mar 2015 >> News

The far right Islamophobic Pegida UK  aim to recreate the hatred of their allies elsewhere in Europe where thousands have massed targetting the Muslim community. …

23 Mar 2015 >> News

UAF joins trade unions in condemning the attack on a Synagogue in Stamford Hill, an area where the Jewish community has faced continuous targeting by violent fascists.

17 Mar 2015 >> News
Intnl Demo 1



17 Mar 2015 >> News
sutr sticker

Originally posted here.

As a signatory to our open letter, I am writing to let you know that 120 people from across different sectors of society in North …

16 Mar 2015 >> News

Unite Against Fascism (UAF) has issued the following statement responding the comments by Trevor Phillips as outlined in his article in the Daily Mail.
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