Monday 10 January 2005

‘Unity against the BNP’ is the message at TUC

A fringe meeting with Ken Livingstone, Barry Camfield TGWU, Keith Sonnett UNISON, Sue Bond PCS, Lee Jasper NAAR, Weyman Bennett and Sabby Dhalu UAF joint secretaries took place at this year’s TUC with a strong message for unity within the anti-fascist movement.

Speakers stressed the importance of the broad alliance necessary for success in pushing the BNP back in areas where they have advanced, using the startegies that worked in towns such as Oldham since 2001 and in Millwall in the early 1990s. This alliance must include at its heart the trade unions, African, Caribbean and Asian communities, all faith groups, lesbian and gay communities and disability rights campaigners as well as all those who oppose the division and hatred peddled by the BNP.

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