Friday 11 February 2005

1,000 say no to BNP’s race hate

1,000 anti-fascists including trade unions, students, black, Asian, lesbian and gay communities, joined the peaceful protest outside Leeds Crown Court on Wednesday 2 November organised by Yorkshire and Humberside TUC and Unite Against Fascism. Only 100 BNP supporters turned up to support BNP leader Nick Griffin and former BNP youth leader Mark Collett for their preliminary hearing, after the two were arrested and charged with inciting racial hatred earlier this year.

The protest was followed by a rally outside Leeds Art Gallery and speakers included Jerry Bartlett, Deputy General Secretary of NASUWT, David Lascelles, TUC General Council and LGBT representative Marion Lloyd, PCS NEC and Regional Committee and Councillor Keith Wakefield, Leeds Leader of the Opposition and Labour Group.

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