Thursday 5 May 2005

40,000 in Trafalgar Square say

Sunday’s remarkable Unite Against Fascism/MayDay rally & music event in London’s Trafalgar Square drew an amazing 40,000 people through the day.

The audience – black and white, young and old, showed the true face of today’s multicultural Britain and hammered home the message that this is a generation united and determined to say Never Again to the threat of fascism, as represented by the fascist British National Party in this Thursday’s General Election.

There were show-stopping performances by headliners Pete Doherty and Estelle, ably supported by the brilliant Terri Walker, Metro Riots, Roll Deep, Skeme & Big P, Crazy Titch & J2K, Ras Kwame, Bigga Fish and Lady Sovereign. Lively and entertaining hosts throughout the day were longtime LMHR supporters Rodney P & DJ Skitz , alongside UK hip-hop veteran MC D and Tibbs.

Between the acts, speakers highlighting the need to fight racism and fascism drew loud cheers from the audience. Those present included living legend Tony Benn, Holocaust survivor Leon Greenman OBE, Lee Jasper from the National Assembly Against Racism and Weyman Bennett, Sabby Dhalu and Martin Smith from Unite Against Fascism, Paul Mackney General Secretary NATFHE, Adbul Bari from Muslim Council of Britain, Pav Akhtar NUS Exec, Peter Turner , TUC National Officer LGBT and Disability rights, Mick Connolly from SERTUC, Glyn Ford MEP, and many others representing the organisations of event partners the London MayDay Organising Committee.

Among the most poignant moments of the day was when 94-year-old Holocaust survivor Leon Greenman – a talented singer himself – congratulated Estelle and Pete Doherty on their performances and told them about his experiences at the hands of Hitler’s Nazis’ death camps, and his continuing determination to help alert a new generation to the anti-fascist struggle.

All photos are (C) 2005 Angela Stapleford. All rights reserved.

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