Monday 13 June 2005

150 join Manchester UAF protest vigil

On Thursday morning, 9th June, horrified visitors to North Manchester’s Jewish cemetery discovered a hundred gravestones pulled down and smashed.

Unite Against Fascism responded immediately by calling a protest vigil at the cemetery gates on Sunday 12th June, with the Trades Council backing. Despite the short notice, 150 people came. Speakers included Henry Guterman MBE of UAF Manchester who escaped the Holocaust as a child, Afzal Khan, Lord Mayor of Manchester, the Major of Bury, and Colin Barker Chair of Manchester UAF, along with local faith groups including Christian and Muslim, and UAF itself.

This is not the first time that graves have been desecrated, nor the first time a protest has been held at its gates. But this vigil was twice as large as any previously held, and socially more varied.

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