Friday 24 June 2005

Goresbrook victory sees Nazi BNP defeated in London

The Goresbrook by-election has seen the Nazi British National Party (BNP) lose the only seat that they held in London. Labour candidate Warren Northover got 51% of the vote, with the BNP coming second with 32%. The turnout in the election was 33.61%. This followed an intense, united campaign to ensure that all those who oppose the BNP were mobilised to vote.

Ken Livingstone said “This result shows that if racism is confronted head on, the BNP will be defeated. The lesson for other areas where the BNP have made ground is unite to fight racism head on.”

Margaret Hodge MP for Barking said “It is a great result but it is only the beginning. The Labour Party will continue to work really hard to re-connect with local people, respond to their needs and build a unite multi-racial community”

Phil Waker CWU National Executive and Village Ward Councillor, Dagenham said:

It is an enormous turnaround. This shows what can be done and even more so if the trade unions get involved. The more the trade unions get behind the battle against the fascist BNP the better we are at defeating them. This battle is a victory for us all and we can and must follow this victory with more victories in the future.

Eddie McDermott, T and G London Regional Secretary said “The T and G applauds the result in Goresbrook. The people of East London have shown that in unity they can defeat the forces of division”

Weyman Bennet, Joint Secretary of Unite Against Fascism said “This result shows that the anti-fascist vote was mobilised and united to stop the BNP. Unite is proud to have been part of the campaign to raise awareness around the threat of the BNP in Goresbrook. Barking had seen racist attacks rise in the time that the BNP were campaigning and won their seat. We must not be complacent. The BNP have polled their best results in this year’s general election – but this campaign shows that their politics of race-hate can be defeated. We must now ensure that they stay out – that means pulling out all stops to defeat them in the Beacontree by-election on July 14th”

For more information contact Unite against Fascism on: 0207-833-4916

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