Thursday 2 August 2007

No to public funds for fascism

Anti-fascists have expressed outrage at the possibility that the fascist British National Party could be awarded over £670,000 for its Scottish Parliamentary election campaign. The rules require that any political party that stands in the election field at least four candidates in each of the eight regions in the Scottish Parliament. If the BNP succeeds in fielding 32 candidates, it will receive funding for its campaign, an election broadcast and free publicity.

General Secretary of the Scottish TUC Grahame Smith said:
“The STUC is outraged that the BNP are to be given tax-payers money and public airtime to spread their message of lies, hatred and misinformation. Racist organizations like the BNP must be challenged at every level, and should never be given a public platform”.

“The STUC believes that there is evidence from previous National Front and BNP activities that shows their activities pose a threat to public order, and that their policies are threatening to the civil liberties and democratic rights of people in Scotland”.

Sabby Dhalu, Joint Secretary of Unite Against Fascism said:
“Those who believe the fascist BNP is a legitimate political party, which should have access to democratic processes should examine their record and the number of their members that have serious criminal convictions: the BNP is a fascist neo-Nazi organization not a legitimate political party. Fascism stands for the total annihilation of sections of society. When Fascists came to power as they did in Nazi Germany, they utilized democratic processes, only to engage in the mass murder of entire peoples. Tax payers’ funds should not be used to promote fascism and hatred.”

Weyman Bennett, Joint Secretary of Unite Against Fascism said
“The BNP have a history of encouraging racism and discrimination in Scotland. Nick Griffin was convicted for incitement to racial hatred after comments in a magazine where he denied the Holocaust. The BNP is attempting to stir up racism in Scotland – it remains a fascist organization who should not have access to public funds.”

For more information contact Unite Against Fascism joint-secretaries Sabby Dhalu or Weyman Bennett on 020 7833 4916.

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