Saturday 29 May 2010

Antifascists celebrate success of protest against racist EDL

Antifascists in Newcastle are celebrating after a very successful demonstration of around 1,000 people outnumbered the racist thugs of the English Defence League.

The EDL’s own demo descended into chaos as participants fought their own stewards.

The antifascist mobilisation called by UAF was made up mainly of local people, with coachloads of protesters coming from Yorkshire and Scotland in support. It represented the real Newcastle – a mixture of old and young, black, white and Asian people.

Local Muslim youth – who have been targeted by the EDL and its racist anti-muslim campaign – took part in the demonstration alongside trade unionists.

The antifascist demo was full of confidence, with people singing and chanting as they marched. It received a warm welcome from people in the city centre – many of whom joined the march.

In contrast, the EDL’s supposed showpiece mobilisation has seen them isolated in the community.

UAF national secretary Weyman Bennett said: “Today we had a victory over the racist EDL, outnumbering them two to one. There was a massive turnout on our demonstration from Tyneside.

“We were welcomed by the city and then we went and repulsed the fascist EDL. It was a fantastic demo – antiracists dominated the city.”

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