Saturday 5 June 2010

Antifascists outnumber WDL in Cardiff and Swansea

Antifascist demonstrators heavily outnumbered the Welsh Defence League – an organisation of racist thugs with links to the Nazi British National Party – in both Cardiff and Swansea today.

In Cardiff, around 1,000 people joined the Unite Against Fascism counter-protest against the WDL, including large numbers of local trade unionists and young people.

Cardiff rally

Antifascist demonstrators heard Plaid Cymru Welsh Assembly Member Leanne Wood and Labour MPs Alun Michael and Wayne David speak, along with former MP Julie Morgan. They were joined by speakers from the Green Party, the president of the Welsh TUC, the leader of Cardiff Mosques and Martin Smith from UAF.

The picture above shows UAF demonstrators assembling in Cardiff. Pic: Guardian Cardiff.

Only around 100 supporters of the WDL – Welsh counterpart of the English Defence League – turned up at the end of the UAF rally. They were surrounded by antiracist demonstrators and left dejectedly after about 30 minutes.

Martin Smith said:

It was a brilliant day that showed the WDL that people in Wales are united against racism and fascism. There was a great atmosphere and people were really buzzing after the Cardiff event. It was good to see lots of trade union banners, and the Unite union flags in particular nade a fantastic show.


The WDL also attempted to mobilise in Swansea. It is understood that the organisation was forced to organise separate demostrations in the two cities, to ensure that its supporters – who include rival football hooligan firms – did not attack each other.

The WDL managed to get just 30 supporters out in Swansea, where over 300 UAF activists held a peaceful demo. The WDL quickly scurried out of town.

Last year, the WDL revealed its true colours when its supporters in Swansea gave Nazi “sieg heil” salutes (see pic).

Pic by Prusakolep

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