Monday 7 June 2010

Help organise against the EDL in East London

We need volunteers to help organise against the racist English Defence League in east London – don’t let them divide our community!

The EDL is planning to march in Tower Hamlets – a multiracial, multicultural community, including many Muslims. We want to show our unity against the racism and division of the EDL.

Racist thugs

The EDL thugs have been targeting Muslims and mosques, whipping up hatred, division and violence where they has been allowed to march. EDL supporters have paraded their violence on YouTube and have been caught on camera giving Nazi salutes during their rallies and marches.

Come to an organising meeting

Can you help organise against the EDL? Please come to an open mobilising meeting, called by UAF and United East London.

It’s at 7pm on Weds 9 June at the Praxis Center, Pott Street, Bethnal Green, London E2 0EF. **Please note: venue has changed.

Fill in the form to volunteer your help

If you can’t make it to the meeting, please get in touch with us using the form below if you can help build the rally and demonstration against the racists.


Sunday 20 June
Assemble 12.30pm, Stepney Green Park, march to Altab Ali Park, Whitechapel


7pm, Sunday 13 June
London Muslim Centre, 46 Whitechapel Road, London E1 1JX

>> download demo and rally leaflet

Don’t forget to pass the demo and rally details to everyone you know – send emails, text messages, add it to Twitter, Facebook… Spread the word!

I want to help stop the racist EDL!

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