Wednesday 4 August 2010

Unions line up to back ‘We are Bradford’ unity event

Four national trade unions have now pledged their support to the “We are Bradford” event on Saturday 28 August, to show their opposition to the racist English Defence League.

The Communication Workers Union, the Public and Commercial Services union, the Transport Salaried Staffs’ Association and the University and College Union have all backed the celebration of unity across our multicultural community called by Bradford UAF.

Mobilising across the country

UAF is mobilising for the event nationally. You can download a leaflet here. Please see our transport page for regularly updated coach details.

Don’t let the racists divide our community

The EDL has targeted Muslims and mosques, whipping up hatred and division where it has been allowed to march. Its violence and racism were exposed again on Saturday 17 July, when an EDL rally in Dudley descended into mayhem and EDL supporters attacked shops and smashed car windows.

EDL supporters have paraded their violence on YouTube and have been caught on camera giving Nazi salutes during their rallies and marches.

Pic: Geoff Dexter

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