Thursday 13 January 2011

Antifascists force BNP leader Nick Griffin to abandon speech

Attempts by British National Party leader Nick Griffin to get a platform for his poisonous fascist ideas failed miserably tonight when he ran away from an antifascist protest.

Update: >> See pictures here

Griffin had been invited to speak at a film screening of More4 documentary The Battle for Barking, about the BNP’s campaign at the last elections, at the Frontline Club for journalists.

The documentary’s director, Laura Fairrie, and Darren Rodwell, organiser of the Labour Party election campaign, were also invited to the London event, which was due to be “moderated” by journalist Sarfraz Manzoor.

No platform for fascists

Antiracists and antifascists had urged the club not to give a platform to Nazi Griffin, a convicted Holocaust denier, but refused to withdraw his invitation.

UAF believes that fascists like Griffin, who would smash democracy if they came to power, should not be given a platform to spread their fascist and racist ideas, gain publicity and organise.

Around 30 people turned out for a flash protest against Griffin at the Frontline Club, called by UAF on the evening of Thursday 13 January.

Never again!

With Holocaust Memorial Day just a fortnight away, they offered a reminder of what fascism really means, chanting: “Auschwitz, never again! Treblinka, never again!”

Griffin turned up with his security team, but was forced to turn and run away when he saw the lively antifascist demonstration.


Voters in Barking have already shown they don’t want Nazi Nick or his fascist cronies. The BNP leader made Barking the BNP’s number one target seat at the election – but was humiliatingly beaten into third place with just 14.6% of the vote after a huge antifascist campaign.

In the council elections on the same day, the BNP was obliterated in Barking and Dagenham, with all 12 of its councillors booted out of their seats.

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