Wednesday 12 January 2011

Unions sign statement backing Luton demo against racist EDL

Trade union branches and trades councils have put their names to a statement supporting the demonstration against the racist English Defence League on Saturday 5 February.

Richard Howitt, the MEP for the East of England has also signed up in support.

Three Counties UAF said:

Trade unionists in Luton and the surrounding area have committed themselves to supporting a mass protest to say the EDL are not welcome here. Every union branch or trades council that has so far been approached to support this protest against the EDL has enthusiastically agreed to support this statement.

The antiracist protest against the EDL will assemble at 12 noon, Saturday 5 February at Park Square, Luton.

>> Download leaflets here
>> More details of Luton protest against EDL
>> To add your union branch or organisation’s name to the statement, email us.

Statement supporting 5 February demo against the racist EDL in Luton

We call for support of the peaceful demonstration against the English Defence League in Luton on Saturday 5 February.

The EDL attempts to pose as a group that is opposed only to ‘militant Islam’, but the plain truth is that they have proven connections with the BNP and other racist organisations.

Their actions have been exposed in the media as indiscriminately racist and violent. They attempt to forge links with other racist groups on an international level. Their presence in the town can only bring fear,
division and hatred.

The EDL shows its true colours when it invites book-burning fanatics to its meetings – or calls students ‘scum’ as it did at one of their recent rallies. It shows its true colours when its supporters sing vile, racist songs and threaten local residents.

We pledge our support for the counter demonstration on 5 February, which we see as an assertion of all that is good about the town. We celebrate our rich diversity and tolerance. We are proud of being a modern, multi-cultural community. We have to make the strongest possible statement to the EDL, and all other racist groups, that they are not welcome here.

These values of Luton are undermined by the activities of the EDL and we, the undersigned pledge to combine all our forces and unite in a broad and common front against the threat that they pose.

Signed by

Richard Howitt, Labour MEP for the East of England, Luton Trades Council, Watford Trades Council, St Albans Welwyn and Hatfield Trades Council, Cambridge Trades Council, Peterborough Trades Council, Chelmsford Trades Council, PCS Eastern, CWU Eastern Region, Milton Keynes GMB, Unite London & Eastern, Aerospace & Shipbuilding industrial sector committee, South East and Sussex TSSA

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