Thursday 14 April 2011

Cameron’s dangerous remarks will boost racists and fascists

Unite Against Fascism has today warned that prime minister David Cameron’s speech on immigration offers dangerous encouragement to racist and fascist parties.

UAF joint secretary Weyman Bennett said:

Cameron claims his latest remarks on immigration will stop ‘extremist parties’ like the BNP from flourishing and help ‘extinguish them once and for all’.

In truth they will have precisely the opposite effect. Both the tone of his language and the content of his arguments feed the myth that Britain is somehow being flooded by immigrants.

Cameron is effectively scapegoating immigrants for his government’s cuts programme. The effect of this rhetoric is more hatred, more hysteria and more strife and division in society.

And the British National Party, the English Defence League and other racist and fascist organisations will thrive in such a climate.

French president Nicolas Sarkozy has already tried this trick in France: attempting to undercut fascist parties by aping their language and conceding their demands. It didn’t work. Now we see Marine Le Pen’s Front National – a fascist party with close links to the BNP – riding high in the polls.

History shows that giving in to racist arguments does not make the racists go away. It endorses them and encourages them to demand more.

Cameron should be ashamed of himself – and we should be proud to live in a multicultural society where people from all backgrounds work and struggle together.

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