Friday 20 May 2011

EDL teams up with BNP to attack antiracist meeting

The racist thugs of the English Defence League teamed up with their Nazi pals in the British National Party to attack an anti-racist meeting in Barking on Thursday night.

They smashed the windows of Crown House on Linton Road, where the meeting was taking place. A woman NHS worker who was attending the meeting was injured in the attack. She had to receive hospital treatment.

The EDL smashed the windows of Crown House in Barking

The meeting went ahead despite the EDL’s attempts to storm it. It had been called by local councillors and trade unionists together with UAF to defend multiculturalism in Barking & Dagenham.

Speakers at the meeting included Councillor George Barratt, local National Union of Teachers rep Dominic Byrne and Steve Hedley from the RMT.


Some 25 EDL thugs threw bricks and rocks at Crown House causing damage to the building’s exterior.

They chanted “EDL” and shouted racist abuse and death threats. At least two Barking BNP activists were involved in the mob attack.

The EDL has been active in Barking & Dagenham recently whipping up race hatred over proposals to build a mosque in the borough.

Anti-fascist activists believe the local BNP branch is turning back to street thuggery after the losing all 12 of its councillors in last year’s elections.

George Barratt, Labour councillor for Barking’s Mayesbrook ward, said:

It’s extremely disturbing that these people tried to break up an anti-racist meeting organised by democratically elected councillors and trade unionists from the local area.

We don’t want these EDL thugs here, and we won’t tolerate them attacking our meetings. Barking is multicultural — and it’s going to stay that way.

Steve Hedley, organiser for the RMT’s London region, said:

We won’t be intimidated by these street thugs. We will stand together and oppose them.

Weyman Bennett, joint national secretary of UAF, said:

This attack exposes the EDL for what it really is: a fascist and racist organisation that teams up with the Nazi BNP to attack anti-racists and labour movement activists.

It also sends a stark warning to those politicians who think it’s fashionable to attack multiculturalism: your words are giving succour to the likes of the EDL and BNP.

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