Saturday 25 June 2011

National demo against racist EDL in Tower Hamlets: Sat 3 Sept

Unite Against Fascism, together with United East End and other community organisations, is calling a national demonstration against the racist English Defence League on Saturday 3 September.

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The EDL is threatening to come to Tower Hamlets that day to spread race hatred and attack the local Muslim community.

Last year, around 5,000 people marched through Tower Hamlets in an impressive show of strength and unity against the EDL, although the racists had already been forced to call off their own protest, admitting it would be “a suicide mission” to attempt to march through London’s East End.

The East End of London has a fine tradition of standing up to racists and fascists. Local people blocked Mosley’s Blackshirts in the 1930s. They drove the BNP out of the borough in the 1990s.

More details of the 3 September anti-EDL demonstration will be released in due course following consultation with community and antiracist organisations.

Please note this date has changed – the event is no longer scheduled for August.

Pic by Richard Seymour

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