Wednesday 6 July 2011

Cambridge: packed meeting as councillors back anti-EDL event

A packed meeting in Cambridge this week heard that all the city’s Labour and Green councillors are backing a counter-protest against the racist English Defence League on 9 July.

More than 50 people from a wide variety of backgrounds came to the meeting to prepare for the antiracist demonstration on Saturday 9 July, when the racists and fascists of the EDL plan to “protest” in Cambridge.


The meeting heard that all the city’s Labour and Green Party councillors had backed a statement of opposition to the EDL and support for the counter-demo.

Local people are determined to show their opposition to the racist and fascist thugs, who particularly target Muslims.

Speakers confirmed that there was wide support for the antiracist demo and a wish to stand in solidarity with the local Muslim community.


They stressed the importance of unity and of not letting the EDL go unchallenged in Cambridge.

The EDL are not wanted in Cambridge and their is particular disgust that they have targeted the city during its Big Weekend festival.

The picture shows the speakers at the meeting, from left: Mark Woods (Cambridge Mosque), Tabieya Shah (chair of meeting), Tom Woodcock (Cambridge Trades Council), Richard Rose (Cambridge UAF), councillor Lewis Herbert; not pictured but also speaking were the minister of the Unitarian church where the meeting was held and a Unison steward.

In a joint statement, all Cambridge’s Labour and Green Party councillors said:

As Cambridge councillors we do not welcome the decision by the English Defence League (EDL) to organise their event in our city next Saturday, a city of so many special and well integrated cultures and faiths and a city that is at peace with itself.

We reject the views expressed by the EDL and we fully support the right of all Cambridge people to celebrate their cultures, enjoy their places of worship, and to be treated with equality and respect.

We want local people to come to Cambridge as normal this Saturday to shop and to attend the stunning Big Weekend community event.

We will join with other residents in showing our peaceful opposition on Saturday to the views of the English Defence League at the counter event, and at other events this week.

The counter-protest against the EDL has attracted huge support locally.

The antiracist demo is set to assemble at 11am in Market Square, Cambridge on Saturday 9 July.

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