Monday 25 July 2011

EDL’s Lake: Norway massacre is ‘chickens come home to roost’

By Tash Shifrin

Alan Lake, the millionaire funder and strategist behind the racist English Defence League, has described the massacre of more than 90 people in Norway as “chickens come home to roost”.

The shocking suggestion that the mainly young victims of bomber and gunman Anders Behring Breivik have died through some fault of their own, linked to the racist conspiracy theory that Islam is “taking over” parts of Europe, was made on Lake’s 4Freedoms website yesterday.

Breivik has been revealed as a fascist who hates multiculturalism, Muslims and the left. In his writings, he claimed links to the EDL – an organisation of racist and fascist thugs.

The EDL has tried to distance itself from the Norwegian killer in official statements.

But Lake, who admitted that he funded the EDL in an interview on Norway’s TV 2 channel earlier this year, has revealed the real views at the top of the EDL. On his website, Lake wrote:

Apparently, in a long screed Anders Behring Breivik posted on line, he did this attack to protest against the way that Islam is taking over large parts of Europe. By attacking the leftist politicians that are enabling this, the chickens have actually come home to roost – altho I’m sure it won’t be depicted that way.

In addition to funding the EDL, Lake is also its key strategist and has boasted of how he has brought football hooligan firms together to create the EDL’s army of racist street thugs.

He is a vicious anti-Muslim racist and open in his support of fascist organisations such as the Sweden Democrats and Hungary’s Jobbik party, whose uniformed paramilitary organisation terrorises Roma communities.

UAF and United East End are organising a national demonstration against the EDL in Tower Hamlets, east London, on 3 September.

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