Saturday 9 July 2011

Fantastic start to campaign to stop EDL ‘summer of hate’

Thousands of antiracists and antifascists took to the streets in four separate protests against the English Defence League today – and struck a blow against the EDL’s summer of hate.

The fantastic response to the EDL today is a great step forward towards the national demo against the EDL on Saturday 3 September in Tower Hamlets, east London.

The EDL’s racist and fascist thugs had threatened to begin a summer campaign of racism and violence with provocative demonstrations aimed at stirring up hate against Muslims in Middlesbrough, Halifax, Plymouth and Cambridge.


But in each town, antiracists, trade unionists, community leaders and others have joined with local Muslims to oppose the EDL and show unity and solidarity in defiance of the EDL’s attempts to divide our communities.

The wonderful demonstration in Cambridge – where 2,000 marched against the EDL – was the highpoint of the day, but as our reports show, antiracists mobilised successfully in Halifax, Plymouth and Middlesbrough too.

In Derby, 500 revellers turned up to celebrate the city’s diversity at a Love Music Hate Racism festival – although the EDL had already been forced to pull out of its planned demonstration there.


Many more people enjoyed the festival in Liverpool organised jointly by LMHR and the Anthony Walker Foundation – an evening LMHR gig was expected to bring together hundreds more antiracists and music fans this evening.

And in Dagenham, east London, activists marched to the local police station to hand in a petition against the EDL and Islamophobia and to protest against police inactivity when two young Muslim men were attacked during an EDL demo in the area last month.

Today’s events are a great boost to everyone who wants to stop the EDL spreading its poisonous racism and violence on our streets.


But we want to land a more decisive blow against the racist and fascist thugs with the biggest possible turnout for the national demo on 3 September.

We will have more details soon – but please put the date in your diary now and tell your friends, neighbours, workmates, union branches and community organisations too!

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