Saturday 23 July 2011

Norway massacre suspect claimed EDL discussions

The man suspected of carrying out the massacre that has taken more than 90 lives in Norway has been revealed as an admirer of the English Defence League.

Anders Behring Breivik, who was arrested by Norwegian police after Friday’s car bomb and shooting attacks, had earlier claimed to have held discussions with the EDL, the Socialist Worker newspaper reported today.

The revelations and emerging information about the suspect’s political views show how wrong sections of the media were to blame the attacks on “Islamic terrorists”.

Breivik posted messages on a Norwegian website expressing his admiration for the EDL, Socialist Worker newspaper said.

Among rants about Islam and Communism is the following (roughly translated from Norwegian):

“I have on some occasions discussed with SIOE [Stop Islamification Of Europe] and EDL and recommended them to use conscious strategies.

The tactics of the EDL is now out to “entice” an overreaction from Jihad Youth / Extreme-Marxists something they have succeeded several times already. Over The reaction has been repeatedly shown on the news which has booster EDLs ranks high.

This has also benefited BNP. WinWin for both.

The website postings also show Breivik’s comments on links between the EDL and BNP and suggest that he had followed developments in the EDL over some time.

Weyman Bennett, joint secretary of Unite Against Fascism, said:

The evidence is mounting that Anders Behring Breivik holds far-right views and supports fascist and Islamophobic organisations – including the EDL and BNP.

If the terrorist atrocities in Oslo and Utøya in turn out to be the work of neo-Nazis, it wouldn’t be the first time this has happened.

The Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 was initially blamed on Muslims, but was in fact carried out by the far right. And in 1999 black, Asian and gay communities in London were targeted by the Nazi nailbomber David Copeland.

We must not allow this culture of race hate to grow. We have to stand up the EDL and their equivalents across Europe. That is why anti-fascists from up and down the country will be protesting against the EDL in Tower Hamlets on 3 September.

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