Monday 4 July 2011

Portsmouth: oppose the racist EDL, Saturday 16 July

Antifascists in Portsmouth are organising to oppose the racists and fascists of the English Defence League on Saturday 16 July.

The EDL plans to come to Portsmouth that day to stir up racist hatred against Muslims as part of a summer of hate.

Last year, EDL thugs targeted a Portsmouth mosque, but were opposed by local antiracists and members of the Muslim community, showing unity against the racists and fascists.

UAF is organising a counter-protest to show the racist and fascist EDL thugs are not welcome in the town on 16 July.


Antiracists will assemble at 12 noon in the Guildhall Square on Saturday 16 July.

In the run-up to the antiracist demo, Portsmouth Love Music Hate Racism are organising a gig on Saturday 9 July at the Wedgewood Rooms in Albert Road.

Pic by Ian Capper

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