Saturday 23 July 2011

Unions back national demo against racist EDL, Sat 3 September

Two national unions have joined local union branches and community leaders in backing the demo to celebrate diversity and oppose the racist English Defence League in Tower Hamlets on 3 September.

>> Transport to demo from around the country


The EDL – an organisation of racist and fascist thugs – is threatening to march through the east London borough on that date. This is the planned culmination of the EDL’s summer of hate.

But its attempts to stir up racist hatred against Muslims in the multicultural, multiracial East End of London have been met with a wave of condemnation from across Tower Hamlets’ diverse community and beyond.

Two national unions – the Communication Workers Union and the civil servants’ PCS – have joined Tower Hamlets Unison, East London NUT and Tower Hamlets College UCU to support the event organised by UAF and the United East End coalition and backed by One Tower Hamlets – No Place for Hate.

£10,000 appeal

Please help us pay for thousands of leaflets, posters and placards to make sure we get the biggest possible turnout on 3 September.

We are asking our supporters to help us raise £10,000 – if you can give £5, £10 or even £50 your donation will help campaign against the EDL in London’s East End.

The event is also backed by community leaders and campaigners including Hanif Osmani, chief executive officer, Council of Mosques (Tower Hamlets); Sirajul Islam, East London Mosque and London Muslim Centre; Dilowar Khan, director East London Mosque and London Muslim Centre; Denis Fernando, One Society Many Cultures; Rev Alan Green, chair Tower Hamlets Inter Faith Forum;
Azad Ali, Islamic Forum of Europe; Muhammad Rabbani, Aasha Gang Mediation Project; Glyn Robbins, secretary United East End; Sabby Dhalu, joint secretary UAF, secretary One Society Many Cultures; Weyman Bennett joint secretary UAF; John McLoughlin, Tower Hamlets Unison; Alex Kenny, branch secretary East London NUT; Richard McEwan, Tower Hamlets College UCU; Sarah Creagh, Tower Hamlets UAF.

At a meeting last week, Tower Hamlets Council unanimously agreed to support a United East End petition condemning the EDL.


Please note new assembly point:
Assemble from 11am, corner of Vallance Road and Whitechapel Road, London E1 (near East London Mosque)
Saturday 3 Septmber

UAF is mobilising nationally for the event and local UAF groups are already organising transport – we will have details from around the country soon.

Last year, 5,000 people marched through the East End to oppose the EDL – even though the racist thugs had already been forced to cancel their own event, admitting that it would be “a suicide mission” in multicultural Tower Hamlets.

And the campaign to stop the EDL’s summer of hate got off to a fantastic start as thousands of antiracists turned out to oppose the racist thugs at a series of demonstrations around the country earlier this month.

Now we want a huge turnout in Tower Hamlets to deal a more decisive blow to the EDL and its poisonous racist ideas.

What you can do

>> Find transport to the demo from your area

>> Go here to download leaflets for the 3 September demo

>> Use this petition to get support for the event

>> Download our EDL factsheet

>> Donate to our £10,000 appeal – see box

>> Pass this model motion to back the demo through your union branch

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