Thursday 25 August 2011

Full speed ahead for anti-EDL demo: Sat 3 Sept, Tower Hamlets

The national demonstration on 3 September against the racist English Defence League in Tower Hamlets will go ahead – and it is up to each and every antiracist to ensure that it is as big as possible.

At present it looks likely that the home office will ban the from marching, but the EDL will still be allowed a “static” protest in the heart of multicultural, multiracial Tower Hamlets.

This means we cannot drop our guard against the racists and fascists of the EDL – everyone should mobilise for the antiracist protest on 3 September.

We want the biggest possible turnout on Saturday 3 September to show that the vast majority of people don’t want the racists and fascists of the EDL in Tower Hamlets or anywhere else.

>> National transport to demo against EDL
>> Download leaflets

Mass leafleting, Sunday 28 August

To build for the anti-EDL protest, we are organising a second mass leafleting session in Tower Hamlets this Sunday, 28 August.

£10,000 appeal

Help us raise £10,000 – if you can give £5, £10 or even £50 your donation will help campaign against the EDL in London’s East End.

Please use this model motion to raise support and funds for the demo from your trade union branch or community organisation.

Last Sunday up to 60 UAF activists leafleted Brick Lane and its surrounds. The response was very good, we gave out over 10,000 leaflets and loads of shops put up UAF posters in their windows.

And earlier this week 45 council workers – black, white and Asian members of Tower Hamlets Unison – gave up their lunchtime an gave out hundreds more leaflets and psosters in the local area.

If you are in London, please help us leaflet on the last Sumday before the demo.

Meet: 12 noon, Sunday 28 August
The corner of Brick Lane and Bethnal Green Road,
Nearest tubes: Liverpool Street, Bethnal Green, Shoreditch High St (London Overground)

Buskers against the EDL

Also on Sunday (same time and place) Love Music Hate Racism is organising a ‘buskers against the EDL’ event. If you are a musician, please pitch up with your instrument and join in!

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