Friday 11 November 2011

EDL fascists attempt attack on trade union Unite’s North West HQ

Fascist thugs from the English Defence League have shown their true colours with an attempt to attack the North West rgional HQ of trade union Unite.

A group of around 10 EDL thugs appeared at the Unite offices in Liverpool today, brandishing flags and chanting slogans attacking antifascists and “Marxists”.

They were swiftly met by 20 trade unionists from Unite and the PCS civil service union, which was holding a meeting at the offices, who went out to defend the building.

Sent packing

The trade unionists sent the EDL members packing and – despite trying the back entrance – were unable to get in.

The Liverpool offices are home to the North West region of Unite which represents public and private sector workers in every industry from construction and the car plants to the NHS.

The building was also the venue for an antiracist conference organised earlier this year by Unite, Merseyside UAF and the Anthony Walker Foundation.

The targeting of this trade union building shows the EDL up for what it is – not only an organisation of racists, but of fascists too.

The EDL has increasingly moved from racist targeting of Muslims to threaten and attack other traditional targets of fascism, including working class and socialist organisations and trade unionists. The EDL has also threatened and attacked antiracist meetings, anti-cuts protestors and the Occupy movement against corporate greed and inequality.

Unite North West regional organiser Michelle Smith said:

We are proud as a union that represents black, white and Asian workers, to stand up against the EDL’s anti-Muslim racism and we’ll continue to do that.

But now the EDL has brought its thugs to our building – an attack on a trade union, a workers’ organisation whose members work in every field from the car plants to the NHS. That is a mark of the fascist direction of the EDL.

This makes us even more determined to oppose the racists and fascists of the EDL.

In a further sign that the fascists are widening their targets, the Guardian reports that more than 170 EDL members were arrested by police, after the EDL posted a threat on its main Facebook page against the Occupy London protest camp if the protestors did not “disperse by 12am Friday morning”.

It is understood that the EDL also made a further attempt to harrass Liverpool’s News from Nowhere community and labour movement bookshop today, before moving on to the Unite HQ. EDL members invaded the shop in May.

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