Saturday 25 February 2012

Local people protect mosque as fascists try to stir racism in Hyde

Around 800 local people turned out to protect the local mosque in Hyde, Greater Manchester, as fascists from the English Defence League and British National Party arrived in the area.

The EDL and BNP are trying to stoke up racism following an alleged attack on 17-year-old Daniel Stringer-Prince, who suffered a fractured skull in the alleged incident.

The scant BNP presence showed what a busted flush the organisation is, with only around 30 turning up alongside leader Nick Griffin. The BNP managed to hand out some leaflets, under police protection.


But there were BNP placards on the much larger EDL demo of 600 – showing the appeal of fascist politics among the EDL boot boys.

The EDL’s support arrived overwhelmingly from outside the area by train and coach, on a demo that was shunned by locals.

In the streets around the mosque, antifascists joined the crowds of around 800 people, mainly local Muslim young people, to ensure the EDL thugs could not get anywhere near. Attempts by small groups of EDL members to approach were rebuffed.

Daniel Stringer-Prince’s family had urged the EDL to stay away, saying they did not want his name ‘dragged into something we don’t agree with’. Cheryl Stringer, Daniel’s mum, told the Manchester Evening News they had spoken to members of the local Asian community, who had been ‘absolutely brilliant’ in the wake of the alleged attack.

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