Saturday 31 March 2012

UAF’s Martin Smith to speak at Aarhus antifascist demo

Aarhus antifascist posterUAF assistant secretary Martin Smith will speak at today’s counter-protest against the English Defence League and its sister organisations in Aarhus, Denmark, today.

Thousands of antifascist protestors are expected to join the Aarhus counter-protest against the gathering of racists and fascists linked to the EDL.

The fascist get-together is set to include EDL spin-off the Norwegian Defence League, which nurtured mass-killer Anders Behring Breivik.

Martin will give a message of solidarity and support from antifascists in Britain to the antifascist demonstrators in Denmark.

You can follow Martin’s updates through the day on Twitter. Go to

We will have a full report of the day’s events later.

Last time the EDL attempted to launch a ‘European Defence League’ in October 2010, the effort flopped miserably.


Antifascists are determined that the gathering of racists and fascists from across Europe planned for 31 March will also be a failure.

The EDL are attempting to bring together members of its spin-off organisations, the Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Polish Defence Leagues and others, organised under EDL umbrella organisation, the European Freedom Initiative.

The viciously anti-Muslim racist grouping, Stop the Islamisation of Europe (SIOE), will also attend the Euro Defence League event.


One of the SIOE speakers in Arhus is set to be Pavel Chernev, who was until recently deputy leader and an MP for Ataka (Attack), the Bulgarian fascist party.

EDL leaders want to use the event to build up their spin-off groups. The gathering is also set to bring together key strategists from the international network of anti-Muslim racists and far-right activists who call themselves ‘Counterjihadists’ – people who play a leading role in steering the EDL behind the scenes.

UAF joint secretary Weyman Bennett told the Independent newspaper:

The Euro-leagues are a new danger. We should not forget that it was the Norwegian Defence League that gave us [Anders] Breivik.

The growth of a Euro-league in a time of economic crisis threatens to resurrect fascist street armies such as those that destroyed European democracies in the 1930s.

The development of this network allows fascists and right-wing populists to share ideas, finance and experience in a way that should worry us all.

UAF’s delegation will show solidarity with all those opposing the growth of racism and fascism across Europe.

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