Sunday 22 April 2012

UPDATED: Different faces, same hatred – Breivik and the EDL

pic of posterWe have reissued our poster – different faces, same hatred – warning that Norway killer Anders Behring Breivik was inspired by the poisonous politics of the English Defence League.

The poster shows Breivik – a fascist who hates multiculturalism, Muslims and the left – and “Tommy Robison”, leader of the EDL, an organisation of racist and fascist thugs who hate multiculturalism, Muslims and the left.
>> Download the poster and display it in windows or on noticeboards

>> Find out more about the national demonstration against the EDL

Breivik has been using his trial as a platform for his poisonous politics, insulting his victims and their relatives by declaiming more of his vicious racist hatred in a bid to “justify” his actions.

The Norwegian killer was in touch with EDL members and was inspired by the same ideas.

And the EDL’s “Tommy Robinson” – real name Stephen Yaxley Lennon – has praised Breivik as “pretty smart” and was filmed by Channel 4 drunkenly taunting a Muslim man and pretending to be Breivik.

On Saturday 5 May, there is a chance to show our opposition to the homegrown racists and fascists of the EDL and our horror at Breivik’s massacre in Norway at a national demonstration against the EDL in Luton.

Help make sure that as Breivik’s trial continues, the voice of antiracists and antifascists is heard loud and clear.

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