Thursday 19 April 2012

Workers stand up to EDL at home office counter-protest

Workers at the home office made a stand against racists and fascists from the English Defemce League who staged a demonstration outside their workplace on Tuesday 17 April.

Around 50 home office workers – members of the PCS civil servants’ union – and UAF supporters outnumbered the EDL by two to one.

The home office, based in central London, has a large number of black and ethnic minority staff and visitors, and rightly does not allow staff to be members of far-right organsiations.


Home office workers were appalled that civil service staff going about their work should be threatened by the EDL’s racist and fascist thugs outside their workplace. They turned out on the counter-protest called by UAF and backed by PCS to show their opposition to the EDL.

The picture above shows some of the UAF supporters and civil servants with their union banner, gathering outside their workplace. Meanwhile a lonely EDL supporter waited in his pen for his nazi mates to show up.

As PCS members stood proudly outside their multiracial, multicultural workplace, the EDL shouted “Muslim scum”. Antifascists replied, pointing out that the EDL’s politics of hate are those that spurred on Norwegian killer Anders Behring Breivik, chanting: “EDL, Breivik – different faces, same hatred.”

You can see some of the speeches from the UAF demo in this video from PCS Euston.YouTube Preview Image

>> National demo against the EDL, Luton, Saturday 5 May

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