Friday 4 May 2012

TUC backs UAF and ‘We Are Luton’ demo against EDL, 5 May

TUC general secretary Brendan Barber has spoken out in support of the UAF and ‘We are Luton’ demonstration against the racist and fascist thugs of the English Defence League on Saturday 5 May.

The TUC chief said:

Luton may be the town that the EDL claims as its birthplace but the town does not belong to these vile racists. For years people from all parts of the globe, of all races and religions, have lived quite happily side by side, allowing the town to genuinely claim that it represents multi-culturalism at its best.

In these difficult times, the thousands of ordinary men and women who live in Luton could well do without an invasion this weekend from hordes of angry thugs spouting their anti-Muslim hatred.

We support Unite Against Fascism’s attempts to show the residents of Luton that the overwhelming majority of people in the UK do not have any truck with these extremists and their attempts to bring hatred and division to our communities. We urge the police to think again about the decision to allow the EDL demonstration to go ahead on Saturday.

Luton MPs, local councillors an the town’s Muslim organisations have also thrown their weight behind the antiracist, antifascist demo. Kelvin Hopkins MP said:

I have been a life-long antiracist and we have to support the overwhelming majority of the people of Luton, my home for 43 years, in opposing racism and division. We should celebrate our diversity. We are one community and we must stand together in opposing the EDL.

Gavin Shuker MP adde:

Luton’s diversity and vibrancy makes it a great place to live. Luton in Harmony demands that we oppose all those that divide us. The people of Luton have so many different backgrounds – let us celebrate our unity. I am proud to say that I support equality for all members of society and oppose all forms of discrimination.

And Qadeer Baksh, chair of the Islamic Centre Luton said:

For the first time we will witness Lutonians of all faiths and colors standing up together, united in declaring: ‘We don’t accept the hate filled lies of the EDL.’

>> More about the demonstration against the EDL

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