Tuesday 10 July 2012

‘We Are Bristol’ calls for peaceful protest against racist EDL

Campaigners, trade unions and community groups have called for a peaceful protest to oppose plans by the racist thugs of the English Defence League (EDL) to march through Bristol on Saturday 14 July. We Are Bristol have called a march and rally, “Celebrating diversity — Resisting racism and fascism”, to show the EDL that they are not welcome.

The details for the counter demonstration are: Saturday 14 July. Assemble at 11am, Fountains, Bristol City Centre.

We Are Bristol said in a statement:

We Are Bristol are co-ordinating a counter-demonstration against the English Defence League (EDL) at the Fountains, 11 am, Saturday 14 July. ‘We Are Bristol’ is an umbrella group of community organisations, political groups and trade unions opposed to the racism, bigotry and message of hate brought by the EDL whenever it marches through our towns and cities. We wish in our counter-demonstration to hold a peaceful and family-friendly protest against the EDL.

“In this way we wish to express through our trade unions and other groups our abhorrence of the racism of the EDL, and to celebrate our city’s cultural diversity and innovation. We hope that the authorities, including local police, will take notice of our peaceful intentions, and support our right to protest.”

The statement is signed by the following:
Richard Capps, Chair South West TUC; Dave Chapple, Vice Chair South West TUC; Alex Gordon, National President, RMT; Mike Woollacott, Labour Councillor, Brislington East; Roger Berry, former Labour MP, Kingswood; Owen Jones, Journalist; Michael Jempson, Editor Bristol Globe; Dave Merrick, Love Music, Hate Racism; Nick Gill, founder member Sing Out Bristol (personal capacity); Varinder Singh B. Sikhs Against the EDL; Julie Boston, Friends of Suburban Bristol Railways; Jelena Timotivejic, National Convenor, Defend the Right to Protest; Professor Harriet Bradley, Bristol University, National Executive member UCU; Dr. Madge Dresser, Associate Professor of History, UWE; Dr. Michal Nahman, UWE; Dr. Michael Richardson, UWE; Dr. Ana Dinerstein, Bath University; Dr. Gregory Schwartz, Bath University; Professor Martin Upchurch; Bristol and District Anti Cuts Alliance; John McInally, Vice-President, PCS union; Steve West, PCS DWP Group Executive Committee; Adrian Probert, Assistant Sec, Bristol West Country PCS; Roger Thomas, PCS South West Region Vice-Chair; Anne Lemon, National Executive National Union of Teachers (NUT); Paul Vernell, Joint Secretary South Gloucestershire NUT; Nina Franklin, past President NUT, Bristol NUT; Phil Jones, Bristol division NUT Committee; Claire Nicholls, Bristol NUT; Jaz Thomas, Avon Fire Brigades Union Vice-Chair; Steve Crawshaw, Unison Service Conditions Officer; Simon Duckett, Unison steward, Bristol Gateway School; Huw Williams, Unison steward, South Gloucestershire; Rich Gurney, Unison Branch Chair, BANES (personal capacity); Salena Williams, Unison International Officer, Central Health Branch (personal capacity); Matt Proom, social worker and Unison workplace representative (personal capacity); Liz Brown, Unison representative, Bristol City Council branch (personal capacity); Bob Marshfield, Unison steward, Bristol City Council; Berny Parkes, Chair Dorset Unison; Karen Cole, Unite the union, Health Sector Women’s and Equalities Organiser; Kathy Taylor, Secretary, Unite Bristol Health branch; Stephen Buckingham, treasurer, Unite Bristol Health Branch; Gwyneth Powell-Davies, Vice-Chair, Unite Bristol Health Branch; Chrissie Gardner, Unite representative Bristol Childrens’ Hospital; Celia Hollingworth, Bristol University UCU representative; James Annett, Bristol University UCU President.

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