Tuesday 7 August 2012

Harmony Hall packed out for We Are Walthamstow meeting

As Owen Jones said last Tuesday in Walthamstow it was another “cracking meeting” against the EDL. The local MP, Owen, Weyman Bennett and several other speakers (including 2 from Tower Hamlets – scene of the EDL defeat last year) spoke of the need to Stop the EDL, on Sept 1st.

A microcosm of what Wathamstow looks like was in the standing room only, Harmony Hall that night. The seven trade union banners (RMT, FBU, Unite, Unsion, the local Trades Council, etc) present showed the strong labour movement presence as people of faith and no faith, young and old spoke, from the floor and the platform, of the need to show the Edl the door, on Sept 1st.

A delegation from the meeting is to show solidarity against the EDL in Chelmsford on August 18th, and Chelmsford UAF members said they’d reciporate on Sept 1st.  Many said, the EDL were beaten in Brighton and Bristol recently, we need to the same, locally.

EDL – stay in your sewers, you ain’t welcome in E17!

Videos of speeches from the meeting can be viewed here:

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