Friday 26 October 2012

Victory rally in Walthamstow Saturday 27 October

The police restriction preventing the EDL from entering Walthamstow is a major victory for our movement. The massive demonstrations planned by UAF, We Are Waltham Forest and Muslim communities, and pressure of our grass roots campaigning, helped to achieve this victory.

This has been acknowledged by many including London Assembly Member Jennette Arnold. The EDL is weak and isolated, while our movement grows stronger. This victory must be celebrated!

Jennette Arnold, London Assembly Member
“This follows a long campaign by community groups and activists including We Are Waltham Forest and Unite Against Fascism who have made it quite clear that the English Defence League is not welcome in our community. As well as spreading their racist ideas they also seek to cause division and unrest in our communities.”

Some people argue that we should cancel the event in Walthamstow. We disagree with this. Firstly because it is important to celebrate victories not just react to the EDL. Secondly there is a danger that the EDL could be encouraged to turn up in Walthamstow if they think people won’t be mobilised on the streets. Continuing with our event in Walthamstow acts as a deterrent.

Assemble 11am, Hoe Street
Nearest tube: Walthamstow Central (stewards will be directing people to Hoe Street)

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