Friday 18 January 2013

Golden Dawn activist arrested for Athens racist murder

Two men have been arrested on suspicion of the racist murder of a 27-year-old Pakistani migrant worker in the Petralona area of Athens in the early hours of Thursday 17 January.

One of the two arrested Greek men was discovered to have 50 copies of a leaflet of the fascist Golden Dawn party and a weapons cache in his flat.

Unite Against Fascism had already called a protest for tomorrw outside the Greek embassy in Holland Park, London, as part of an international day of action called by the anti-fascist movement in Greece to highlight the threat of fascism and racism in the austerity-hit country.

Sabby Dhalu, joint secretary of UAF, says: “This shocking murder shows why it is absolutely right to sound the alarm over the rise of Golden Dawn. Fifty copies of a a leaflet would be in someones flat only if they were an activist, supporter or member of the organisation that printed them. This racist murder goes right to the door step of the fascist Golden Dawn party.”

Fellow joint secretary Weyman Bennet adds, “This is what we are here to stop – to help people stop it in Greece and Europe, and to organise the anti-racist majority in Britain to prevent it here too. A wide range of organisations and communities will stand shoulder to shoulder on Saturday in London on this protest. We urge everyone to tell their friends and neighbours and spare a couple of hours to join us. All together against fascism this Saturday.”

There will also be a delegation from UAF in Athens joining the national rally against fascism tomorrow.

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