Friday 10 May 2013

BNP defeated – next stop Euro 2014 elections

Yesterday’s Longbridge By-election result saw the BNP candidate finish last with a mere 37 votes. This follows last week’s council elections which saw the British National Party (BNP) lose three of its county councillors (Leicestershire, Burnley and Hertfordshire) bringing its total number of councillors to two: Catherine Duffy (Charnwood Council, Leicestershire) and Brian Parker (Pendle Council, Lancashire).

Last week saw the defeat of their only remaining councillor in Burnley. UAF campaigners played an active role there over the last decade, including their work to secure last week’s defeat, running a broad effective campaign which exposed the BNP’s fascism and encouraged all those who opposed them to use their vote. Burnley was one of the BNP’s strongest areas. A decade ago in 2003 the BNP gained 35% of the vote with eight councillors.

Following the disastrous result for the BNP, who stood over 90 candidates, it was reported that the BNP is encouraging their members to breed in order to ‘protect’ the white population!
(click here for full article)

The Doncaster Mayoral election saw a defeat for the English Democrats, who had won the previous election. They finished third polling 7.5% of the vote, dropping from the 22.5% vote share they received last time in the 2009 election. Outgoing Mayor Peter Davies left the English Democrats due to concerns at the influx of former-BNP members.

UKIP gained 139 seats, bringing their total number of councillors to 147. UKIP’s candidates were exposed in a number of articles alleging support for the EDL, (click here for full article) derogatory comments about the Holocaust (click here for full article) and the LGBT community (click here for full article). These indicate that whilst the vote for fascism has declined, racism and many of the sentiments that fuel its support are still present, with UKIP able to capture some of its previous support.

Whilst celebrating the victory, campaigners in the North West were quick to warn of avoiding complacency. The BNP came within 100 votes of taking a seat in Maryport South, which they have been eager to highlight. BNP leader Nick Griffin and former member Andrew Brons will be seeking re-election to the European Parliament next year. We only have one year to mobilise the biggest possible vote to stop Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons. UAF is initiating campaigns with the aim of a fascist-free Britain next year with our Nick Griffin Must Go and Andrew Brons Must Go electoral campaigns.
Click here to contact Griffin must go campaign recent activity for the campaign from Manchester UAF here
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