Wednesday 18 September 2013

Statement after fascist murder in Greece

Unite Against Fascism is appalled at the fascist murder of rapper Pavlos Fyssas (aka Killah P) in Athens by members of the Nazi Golden Dawn Party early on Wednesday morning.

We extend our deepest sympathies to his family and friends, and reaffirm our total solidarity with the Greek anti-fascist movement.

The murderer of Pavlos has admitted to being a member of Golden Dawn. The Athens police, which have scandalously collaborated all too often with the fascists, felt under sufficient pressure to raid the party’s offices. We welcome that, but inform the authorities in Greece that we and the anti-fascist movement across Europe will follow their every move and demand that all those connected with this and other crimes are prosecuted and that no succour is given by politicians, the police or public figures to the fascists.

This murder of a young anti-fascist artist comes after a murderous attack last week on activists handing out posters for a Communist Party youth event, which left the leader of the metal workers union in hospital with a fractured skull and eight others serious wounded.

An MP of the main opposition party, Syriza, has been attacked by three Golden Dawn thugs.

Earlier this year a young Pakistani worker Shezad Louqman was murdered by thugs who had Golden Dawn literature and paraphernalia in their flat.

The fascist terror – for that is what it is – has already provoked a considerable counter movement, uniting progressive forces, immigrants and the trade unions. UAF stands in solidarity with that movement and attended the 20,000-strong national demonstration in Athens in January this year organised by KEERFA – the Movement against Racism and the Fascist Threat – whose leading figure Petros Constantinou faces death threats from the fascists and a state prosecution inspired by Golden Dawn.

We will be attending a broad anti-fascist conference next month in Athens organised by KEERFA, trade unions, immigrant organisations and a range of progressive forces.

The fight against fascism, racism and xenophobia is Europe-wide. While confronting them directly in Britain, UAF will strengthen its links across the continent with friends who are doing the same.

Pote Xana!

Never Again!

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