Wednesday 29 January 2014

Jobbik in London – nowhere to run – nowhere to hide!

On hearing that Jobbik’s leader, Gábor Vona intended to come to London to drum up support for his party and meet representatives of the BNP on Sunday 26 January, UAF immediately called a counter protest.

Jobbik is currently Hungary’s third largest party with 43 MPs and 3 MEPs. It is hoping to expand its political base in the European and local elections which are going to be held in May. Jobbik is a violent Nazi party whose propaganda is full of anti-Semitic and anti-Roma hatred. It has a paramilitary wing, which has attacked, maimed and in some cases killed minorities.

At short notice, over 200 UAF and anti fascist protestors gathered outside Holborn tube station, Jobbik’s redirection point. The police refused to allow the Jobbik supporters out of the tube station. Meanwhile activists found, the three venues Jobbik had booked (all under false names) and persuaded the management to pull the venues.

Finally around 70 Jobbik supporters gathered outside in Hyde Park and held a very short rally in the rain.

Sunday’s protest sent a clear signal to our Nazi’s here and across Europe, if you try to meet and spread race hate, we will oppose you.

Some coverage of the demo:

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