Saturday 17 January 2015

No to Fascist Marine Le Pen at the Oxford Union!

jean-marie-marine-le-penNo to Fascist Marine Le Pen at the Oxford Union! Oxford Union – rescind the invitation!

Marine Le Pen, leader of the fascist French Front National has been invited to speak at the Oxford Union on 5th February. The Front National (FN) is a modern fascist party. It was formed in 1972 by Jean-Marie Le Pen, who was backed by wartime fascists, including ex- SS officers and supporters of the pro-Nazi Vichy government, and a new generation of fascists, or self-styled ‘revolutionary nationalists.’ Their strategy was to seek respectability to win wider support and then transform these supporters ‘in our image.’

The FN is deeply racist. It has tried to use its electoral success and media profile to bring anti-semitism and Holocaust revisionism into the mainstream, and to make racism respectable. In 1987 Le Pen described the gas chambers as a ‘point of detail’ of the Second World War. In 1996 he argued that racial inequality was a fact. In 2010, Marine Le Pen, compared Muslims praying in the street to the wartime Nazis occupation of France.

The FN continues to cultivate links with fascist groups and parties and retains links to white supremacist and organisations promoting Holocaust denial. In 2012, on Holocaust Memorial Day, Marine Le Pen was a guest of the Austrian Freedom Party at a ball in Vienna organized by the neo-Nazi Olympia society. Olympia bans Jews or women from its membership, once proposed that the Nobel Peace Prize be awarded to Nazi Rudolf Hess, and organizes celebrations of Holocaust denial featuring prominent revisionists like David Irving.

Marine Le Pen has used the recent killings in Paris to launch atatcks on Muslims and migrants.

By inviting Marine Le Pen the Oxford Union is contributing to a climate of Islamophobia which only encourages racists and fascists. The Oxford Union should not be giving racists and Islamophobes the prestige of speaking at their institution and we demand Marine Le Pen’s invitation is rescinded.

In the event of Le Pen’s talk going ahead we will protest at the Oxford Union from 5 pm on Thursday 5th February.
A coach will be leaving Central London for those who want to attend the demonstration email for more info

Here’s the link to the online statement:

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