Friday 10 April 2015

Newcastle, Edinburgh, now Pegida UK fail in London!

Saturday 4th April was a tale of two positive anti fascist mobilisations Oxford saw over 300 join the UAF Rally and March against the EDL. Their turnout was a flop. They had no local support and had to be escorted out.

London saw around 300 anti fascists drown out the poisonous Pegida UK. ‪ Pegida were less than 100 strong. EDL, C18 and other fascists made up their lack of numbers. Their open appeal to the EDL to join them fell on deaf ears as the latter group had a dismal day in Oxford. At least half of their turnout were known fascists. This effort to launch themselves in the capital was as much a defeat as their previous failures in Edinburgh and Newcastle. One of their organisers resigned only days before Saturday. The writing was on the wall. Their rally ended early, to the jeers of many anti fascists.

UAF’s rally saw GMB, PCS, Unison, NUT trade unionists, those of faith and no faith stand in solidarity with German anti fascists. It was loud, lively and confident. Pegida’s racism was sickening and as with the EDL today, they failed. We read out messages of support from Newcastle Unites/UAF, German, Swedish and Scottish anti fascists. On Saturday, our unity was our strength. Pegida UK were again exposed for the fascist friendly group they are.

There can be no room for complacency, several speakers at the UAF rally urged. We won’t let the Islamophobes divide us.

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