Monday 11 May 2015

Full election results for the BNP and other fascist candidates

Fascist candidates received an absolute drubbing at the general election, with only five even managing to break through the 1% barrier.

The results marked the final demise of the British National Party as an electoral force, after years of consistent campaigning by antifascists. The BNP was unable to recover from its humiliation in 2010, when it suffered a wipeout at the polls and the defeat of now-deposed party leader Nick Griffin at last year’s European elections.

There were also derisory totals for the English Democrats – a party that has happily absorbed many BNP members – the National Front and Liberty GB, which was first formed as the British Freedom Party by ex BNP leaders in a tie-up with the English Defence League.

UAF joint secretary Weyman Bennett said:

The utter failure of the BNP and other fascists in this year’s general election is the legacy of years of campaigning by antifascists. Over many years, the BNP were exposed as nazis – and their brand became toxic. These results show how far they have collapsed – and we are very pleased to see it.

But elsewhere in Europe, we can see fascist parties growing in influence. In France, Marine Le Pen’s Front National is gaining all the time. And hardcore nazis like Hungary’s Jobbik party are also on the rise.

At the same time, it is very worrying to see the rise of UKIP in Britain. UKIP is not a fascist party, but it is racist and it has built by scapegoating immigrants in particular, along with Muslims, LGBT people and other minorities.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage’s comments that EU action to tackle the refugee crisis in the Mediterranean “could lead to half a million Islamic extremists coming to our countries and posing a direct threat to our civilisation” are inflamatory and dangerous. We are concerned that UKIP’s racism can create a climate that allows fascist groups to try to rebuild.

That is why we will remain alert and ready to oppose fascists in Britain, whether they try to organise on the streets or through the ballot box.

>> How the BNP was beaten in 2010

Full 2015 general election results

Candidates votes %
London and South East    
Tess Culnane – Dagenham and Rainham 151 0.4
Paul Borg – Hornchurch and Upminster 193 0.3
Nicola Finch – Old Bexley and Sidcup 218 0.5
English Democrats    
Maggi Young – Bexleyheath and Crayford 151 0.3
Robin Tilbrook – Brentwood and Ongar 173 0.3
Kim Gandy – Dagenham and Rainham 71 0.2
Steve Uncles – Dartford 211 0.4
Graham Moore – Erith and Thamesmead 188 0.4
Gary Butler – Faversham and Mid Kent 158 0.3
Charles Vickers – Stevenage 115 0.2
Liberty GB    
George Whale – Lewisham West and Penge 44 0.1
Paul Weston – Luton South 158 0.4
Richard Edmonds – Carshalton and Wallington 49 0.1
Yorks and Humber    
Adam Walker – Rotherham 225 0.6
English Democrats    
Ian Sutton – Barnsley Central 477 1.3
Kevin David Riddiough – Barnsley East 440 1.1
Therese Hirst – Bradford West 98 0.2
Louise Dutton – Don Valley 242 0.6
David Burnett – Doncaster Central 309 0.8
David Allen – Doncaster North 448 1.1
Colin Porter – Penistone and Stocksbridge 500 1.1
Sharon Pilling – Rother Valley 377 0.8
Dean Walker – Rotherham 116 0.4
Elizabeth Breed – Sheffield Central 68 0.2
Matthew Roberts – Sheffield South East 141 0.3
Justin Saxton – Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough 171 0.4
Steve Clegg – Sheffield Hallam 167 0.3
David Haslett – Sheffield Heeley 122 0.3
Alan England – Wentworth and Dearne 309 0.7
Mike Cooper – Hull East 86 0.2
North East    
English Democrats    
Neil Humphrey – Berwick-upon-Tweed 88 0.2
Bob Batten – Tyneside
 North 191 0.4
North West    
English Democrats    
Valerie Morris – Bury South 170 0.4
Kevin Alastair Bryan – Rochdale 433 1.0
Catherine Duffy – Charnwood, Leicestershire 489 0.9
English Democrats    
Derek Hilling – Kettering 151 0.3
Steve Paxton – Nuneaton 104 0.2
Liberty GB    
Tim Burton – Birmingham Ladywood 216 0.6
Robert West – Boston and Skegness 119 0.3
Paul Hooks – Braintree 108 0.2
English Democrats    
Eddy Butler – Harlow 115 0.3
Jeremy Moss – Southend West 165 0.4
Tony Holyoak – Suffolk Central and North Ipswich 162 0.3
South West    
Julie Lake – Kingswood 164 0.3
English Democrats    
Jenny Knight – Bath 63 0.1
Clive Lavelle – Weston-Super-Mare 311 0.6
Christopher Sean Willett – Aberdeen North 186 0.4
Neil McIvor – Linlithgow and East Falkirk 103 0.2
English Democrats    
Stephen Morris – Monmouth 100 0.2
Adam Lloyd – Bridgend 66 0.2


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