Friday 22 May 2015

Stop the fascists: Luton, Golders Green, Sheffield


UAF will be mobilising supporters to demonstrate against racist and fascist groups in Luton, north London’s Golders Green and Sheffield in June and July.

We will publicise details of all three antifascist protests nearer the time, but please put the dates in your diary now.

In Luton, the fascist group Britain First, a splinter group from the now virtually defunct British National Party, has announced that it will demonstrate in Luton on Saturday 27 June.

>> Read our factsheet on Britain First

On Saturday 4 July, a group of hardcore Hitler-loving nazis is planning an anti-Semitic demonstration in Golders Green, which has a substantial Jewish population. The group, led by longstanding nazi Eddie Stamton, staged a feeble rally in Clapton, east London, earlier this year, with speakers including former National Front leader Martin Webster. The nazis were outnumbered by local people and antifascists who mobilised at very short notice.

>> Find out more about Eddie Stamton and our report on Clapton here

Also on Saturday 4 July, antifascists will be mobilising in Sheffield against the English Defence League. The racist and fascist street thugs have broken into myriad splinter groups with the remains of the EDL much reduced in size, following consistent mobilisations against it in towns and cities across the country. Antifascists in Sheffield will be aiming to ensure it is not able to build and regroup.

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