Tuesday 9 June 2015

Luton antifascists urge support for demo against Britain First

Antifascists march against the EDL in Luton in 2012. Pic credit: Kelvin Williams

Antifascists march against the EDL in Luton in 2012. Pic credit: Kelvin Williams

The fascist group Britain First, a splinter group from the now virtually defunct British National Party, has announced that it will demonstrate in Luton on Saturday 27 June.

The town has previously been targeted repeatedly by the racists and fascists of the English Defence League. But consistent mobilisations against the EDL across the country have reduced it to a tiny group.

Now Britain First, led by Paul Golding – formerly communications officer and a councillor for the fascist BNP – is trying to take its place.

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Luton UAF are calling a counter-protest against Britain First, assembling at 12 noon, Saturday 27 June, at Luton station. They have issued the following statement.

We are calling for support for a demonstration against the fascist Britain First (BF) in Luton, on 27 June.

BF pose as a group that is opposed only to ‘militant Islam’, but the truth is it’s a fascist organisation that boasts of attacks on mosques. Their actions have been exposed in their own ‘media’ as racist and xenophobic against all Muslims.

Their presence in the town can only bring fear, division and hatred.

BF hopes to take over from the discredited and criminal leadership of the English Defence League. Whenever the EDL has previously marched in Luton it has led to racist attacks. BF boasts that they are prepared to be more confrontational and violent than the EDL. We must all stand united to stop them.

We pledge our support for the counter demonstration on 27 June which we see as an assertion of all that is good about the town. We celebrate our rich diversity and tolerance. We are proud of being a modern, multicultural community. We have to make the strongest possible statement that Britain First are not welcome here.

Luton UAF asks all who oppose BF to join our counter-demonstration to assemble at 12 noon on 27 June at Luton Station.

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