Wednesday 30 September 2015

Edinburgh says Aye to Refugees – Nae to Nazis 1pm Sat 3 Oct

On Saturday 3 October the racists and Nazis of the Scottish Defence League (SDL) plan a protest to whip up racial hatred, Islamophobia and division around the issue of refugees and migrants. This follows some terrible scare mongering stories in the press.

The majority of decent people see the horrors of the war zones that refugees are escaping from and understand how desperate it must be if someone dares to leave everything behind including the people they love. For a refugee it is not about seeking an improved life it is about seeking a life worth living.

A broad mobilisation of faith groups, civil right groups and trade unions, is planning to oppose the SDL’s message of intolerance and racism with a peaceful march in defence of refugees and immigrants. Meet 1pm at the Mound, Edinburgh eh1 1yz.

This march has been initiated by Unite Against Fascism-Edinburgh but we seek the widest possible range of support click here for event page. To add your name or the name of your organisation to this mobilisation please email:

UAF Edinburgh

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