Tuesday 2 February 2016

No To Pegida! Unite Against Racism, Fascism and Islamophobia 12pm Sat 6 Feb Victoria Sq

Pegida UK is an Islamophobic movement who aim to recreate the hatred of their allies elsewhere in Europe. German anti-fascists have responded brilliantly in taking the potential threat of Pegida seriously and continue to mobilise in their thousands against them.

Unite Against Fascism stands in solidarity with German anti-fascists and all those who oppose them across Europe.

Birmingham Unite Against Fascism will therefore demonstrate to oppose them on 6th February, alongside Stand Up To Racism Birmingham; who have jointly called for a celebration of Birmingham as a diverse and multicultural city.

Unite Against Fascism and Stand Up To Racism calls on all anti-fascists to join us – reject Pegida’s hatred. No to racism, fascism, anti-Semitism and Islamophobia! Assemble 12 noon Sat 6 Feb Victoria Square for a peace rally with speakers, live music, community stalls and arts & crafts. Alternatively, head to Birmingham International railway station where there is an official meet up point for the counter-mobilisation against Pegida.

UAF activists in the Midlands and North who have not registered for UAF Conference should arrange transport to join the counter-mobilisation in Birmingham


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