Thursday 11 February 2016

We Are Dewsbury – Unity Celebration sees fascists rejected

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Flood victims joined a Dewsbury Unity Celebration, the biggest protest yet against the series of provocative fascist incursions into North Kirklees. For the first time protesters significantly outnumbered the fascists. Fewer than 120 supporters of Britain First huddled outside the Town Hall.

There were 170 on the celebration protest, under the We Are Dewsbury banner, supported by UAF. Most were local from the Dewsbury area, many of them Muslim.

Speakers at the celebration of unity and diversity included Dewsbury MP, Paula Sherriff, anti-racist internet blogger Ashleigh Smith and, most importantly a group of flood victims. The women, from Hebden Bridge and Todmorden, wanted to thank the Muslim community for the help and support given to the flood areas.

Four men were arrested in Barnsley for “racially aggravated offences” on their way to Dewsbury. At the end of the day, after the fascists had left, the protesters marched to reclaim the spot outside the town hall, emphasising that Dewsbury is no place for hatred.

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