Tuesday 1 March 2016

Fascists still outnumbered despite last minute city switch to Liverpool

Anti-fascists in Liverpool

Anti-fascists in Liverpool

by Paul Sillett

More than 500 people turned out at a day’s notice in Liverpool last Saturday to oppose a march and protest by the fascist North West Infidels (NWI), who were accompanied by Polish fascists and the Nazis of National Action.

Merseyside Unite Against Fascism put out a call on Friday afternoon for people to mobilise for the protest when the fascists announced they were moving their march from Manchester.

Anti-racists who attended included Deputy Mayor of Liverpool Ann O’Byrne, Sharon Hutchinson, who is North West regional Women’s and Equalities Officer for Unite the union, councillors and members of the Jewish and Irish communities.

Protestors demonstrated outside the Crown pub by Lime Street station, where around 30 Nazis were drinking, before police and police vans put the Nazis—facing opposition—into a side street, where they were held.

Meanwhile, other fascists gathered in nearby St George’s Square, joined later by Polish Nazis. Anti-fascists shifted their main attention here, where disgracefully the Nazis were allowed to hold their protest.

After several hours the police marched them out—still facing opposition—and put them on a train to Manchester—still causing disruption.

The fascists threw objects including firecrackers at people and are reported to have daubed swastikas on the outside walls of the building where their protest took place.

In Manchester – where they originally said they were going – around 100 attended Manchester UAF’s rally against racism in Piccadilly Gardens.

The fascists are small but nasty, and were openly sieg heiling today. This is a sign of their weakness, having been pushed back by the united front strategy of broad, majority mobilisations. Well done, Liverpool!

To get involved with Merseyside Unite Against Fascism, please email uafliverpool@googlemail.com

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