Tuesday 1 March 2016

Join the local mobilisations against tiny, but vicious planned fascist rallies

Swastika drawn by Nazis on St Georges Hall in Liverpool last weekend

Swastika drawn by Nazis on St Georges Hall in Liverpool last weekend

Since the collapse of the BNP and the virtual death of the English Defence League, as a result of broad anti-fascist work, Nazi splinter-groups are trying to have an impact round the country.

They are no longer pretending to be respectable in any way. As Unite Against Fascism (UAF) and others have said, they are small and varied, but extremely violent and openly anti-Semitic.

On demonstrations such as the one last weekend in Liverpool they sieg heil in public. They drew swastikas on St George’s Hall. It’s scandalous that they are able to get away with this.

Fortunately, the good people of Liverpool responded magnificently and at one day’s notice (see report).

Below is a list of where tiny, but vicious fascist groups say they will be demonstrating on various Saturdays in the months ahead. When arrangements for UAF mobilisations have been finalised details will be posted here.

  • Blackpool: 12th March
  • Swansea: 26th March
  • Birmingham: 2nd April
  • High Wycombe: 9th April
  • Wigan: 28th May



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