Friday 25 March 2016

Stand up to the fascists in Rotherham and Dover

Anti-fascist protester in RotherhamRotherham

Unite Against Fascism will gather tomorrow (Saturday) in Rotherham, on Chapel Walk (past the mosque and next to Lidl supermarket), from 1.30pm. We are opposing the protest by the English Defence League.

This is the 15th incursion by fascist and racist groups in two years. It is another cynical bid to use the appalling crime of child sexual exploitation to try and whip up racism and violence in Rotherham. We support and seek justice for all victims of sexual exploitation regardless of their social or ethnic background. We condemn and seek prosecution of all those responsible for these crimes irrespective of their ethnicity or creed.

The EDL is attempting to turn communities against each other. This can lead to the kind of racist attack we saw last August when Mushin Ahmed was brutally murdered. His killer was shown at his trial to have racist beliefs and falsely called Mr Ahmed a “groomer” shortly before he beat him to death.


Neo Nazis are returning to Dover again on Saturday 2 April to peddle race hate, focusing on anti-refugee bile.

In response Kent Anti Racism Network (KARN) has again called a demonstration. UAF support this and is organising a coach from London for KARN’s new call out.

The last anti fascist gathering in January was broadly supported and outnumbered the small, violent group of fascists. See report

The likes of the BNP and EDL have been humiliated by broad-based anti-fascism, and this we must continue to do. Please e-mail us on or call 020 89717 426, to book your seat on the coach.

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