Thursday 24 November 2016

Nazi Thomas Mair found guilty of brutal murder of Jo Cox MP

The murder of the popular, MP Jo Cox, was committed by a fascist terrorist, Thomas Mair. That is now official. Mair was also guilty of GBH, on a passer by who tried to help Cox. One’s immediate feelings are for Jo Cox’s husband, children, and family, and of course, Jo Cox, herself.
         The Judge in the case, said, Cox was killed to “advance a cause of…Nazism”. As the dignified widow of Jo Cox, Brendan Cox, remarked, “The killing of Jo Cox was an act of terrorism”. Though not charged with Terrorism offences, Mair carried out an act of political warfare. Jeremy Corbyn called it an “attack on democracy”. Jo Cox, known for many causes, not least her anti racism, was targeted by the fascist, Mair. As heard in Court, Mair shouted “Britain First”, as he did his foul deeds. Many believe, with justification, that this is a reference to the Islamophobic, fascist, Britain First (BF) sect. BF  have often tried to physically intimidate Mosque goers and its leaders have been banned from Mosques across Britain.
It is believed that Mair may have been on BF activities. If true, this would be no surprise. Fascists such as BF were quick to distance themselves from Mair, claiming never to have heard of him and that he was acting alone. However, as with much else, these may be lies designed to hide possible links. Police are now investigating, if he was helped procuring one of his weapons, a gun, by a fascist ally.
     Members of BF have often attended fascist events, eg, at the US Embassy, which called for the release of a Nazi terrorist from ‘ The Order’, a US fascist gang. BF leader, Golding has recently, ‘temporarily’ stepped down from his role. This may partly be for fear of what relevations may follow from the Mair trial and consistent, anti fascist, opposition. Britain First associate and ex BNP financier, Jim Dowson, was uncovered recently, for consorting with Bulgarian, fascist, paramilitaries. Of such are fascist terrorists, made.
In 2000, Mair bought bomb making manuals from the Nazi National Alliance in the US. Paul Jeffries, the leader of the group in Britain, lived just a mile away from Mair, before he died in 2013. Being within walking distance of each other, contact may well, to say the least, have taken place between them. Mair regularly accessed fascist websites and had Nazi memorabilia at home. As the Southern Poverty Law Centre uncovered, he also subscribed to fascist magazines and corresponded with overseas Nazis.
Mair attended a London meeting in 2000, to hear of efforts to develop a Nazi music network, internationally. Fascists still active today, such as Richard Edmonds, Stephen Cartwright and  Mark Cotterill, were also present. Ex BNP leader Tyndall also knew of  Mair. Revealingly, Mair had Nazi materials eg, ‘The Turner Diaries’, a fictional work which inspired US Nazi terrorists such as The Order and Timothy McVeigh, who killed 168 people, in Oklahoma, in 1995. Mair, was no lone wolf, and had some history behind him.
     Jo Cox’s murder is a chilling example of the influence as a result of words/acts spread by fascist groups, such as the  EDL, who have had members jailed for a series of hate crimes. Another shocking, fascist inspired murder in the UK, in 2013, was carried out by a Nazi, who savagely killed Mohammed Saleem. The Ukrainian fascist, Lapshyn, was linked to other fascist sympathisers. Mohammed Saleem’s daughter, Maz, and family, have courageously campaigned over the killing. Lapshyn was also charged with the bombing and attempted bombings of Mosques, in the West Midlands. His barbarism was supposedly acts of a ‘Lone wolf’, but like other fascist murderers, he moved in fascist circles, according to Ukrainian authorities and uncovered by Mohammed Saleem’s family.
 Anti racists await to see how much of the media portray Mair and will compare coverage to how Muslims are regularly assailed, for the crimes of a few of their faith. There are also,parallels with those such as Lapshyn and others in far right groups who seek to terrorise, eg the BNP members prosecuted for bomb making and murder eg, BNP member, David Copeland, who terrorised London, in 1999. The notorious mass killer, Breivik, was another supposed lone wolf, but he had relations with extreme, anti immigration groups and admired the EDL, who in turn, admired him.
Mair’s malevolence does not exist in a vacuum. There has been a rise in youths falling prey to fascist propaganda, reported to the government’s controversial, Prevent programme. There are tiny, but Hitler supporting groups, active, eg National Action, who had a supporter jailed, in Wales, in 2015, for the attempted murder of an Asian dentist. Moreover, The increase in racism, following the Euro Referendum, has fuelled Islamophobia and hate crime; Mair’s actions occurred in the wake of UKIP’s infamous, Ad Van, on immigration. Across Europe, Golden Dawn, Jobbik and others, have the same murderous ideology that drove Mair.
    Jo Cox’s murder reminds us that individual terrorism often happens as a result of fascist organisations collapse and fragmentation. In the UK, following the routing of the National Front, by the Anti Nazi League in the late 1970s’, racist murders and racist attacks increased. Fascists and those prey to their poison, assaulted minorities and the left. The openly Nazi British Movement, had members jailed for racist murders and stockpiling of explosives. It’s important to note that currently, no UK fascist group is large numerically or in other forms ie the BNP and EDL are mere shadows of their former selves. The BNP have just lost their last district Councillor. Mair’s horrific act is a reflection of the atomised nature of British fascism. UAF’s work and others, have ensured that fascist groups which once included MEP’s like Nick Griffin and Brons,  have been pushed back, for now. The fascists will look to regroup, on the back of Le Pen’s push for the Presidency in France and fascist excitement, following the racist, Donald Trump’s win; but broad based, mass, anti fascism can keep them marginal.
   Mair looked at fascist material shortly before his actions, at the local Library. A policy which could be quickly implemented to restrict such material, already practiced in some areas, would be to see all public bodies, like Library’s, block fascist postings. It is also time for social media institutions to review the numerous fascist and anti Semitic sites that plague the cyber world. Fascist sites are designed for the likes of Mair and exist to instigate, racist, hate crimes.
Public sympathy for Jo Cox, her family and revulsion at Mair and what he stands for, has been
heart warming. Our task, as we remember Jo Cox, is to rally anti fascists and oppose fascists who strive to divide and conquer.

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