Saturday 3 December 2016

If Hofer wins: Protest outside Austrian Embassy 18:00 Mon 5 December


On 4th December, the Austrian Presidential election will be re-run. Favourite to win is Norbert Hofer, candidate of the far-right nationalist Freedom Party originally formed in the 1950s by former Nazis. If Hofer is elected he will be the first far-right head of state since WW2.

IF HOFER WINS: Join us at 6pm on 5th December at the Austrian Embassy 18 Belgrave Mews West, SW1X 8HU London,to show that the global anti-racist movement intends to meet the racism of the far-right head on and unite all who oppose it at every step.

Event Page Here

After the election of Donal Trump on a racist, sexist and Islamophobic platform and with the threat of Marine Le Pen hanging over next year’s French Presidential election, anti-racists and anti-fascists across Western countries must make visible our opposition to the rise of the far-right and stand up to racism wherever it manifests.

The record of Hofer’s Freedom party is chilling: In parliament Hofer wore a blue cornflower, an identification mark for Austrian fascists in the 1930s. The leader of his party, Heinz-Christian Strache wants to build a fence around Austria to keep out migrants. Freedom Party politicians have stated that refugees should should stay in Muslim countries like Turkey to “live with their fellow believers”, and called on them to be deported with military aircraft.

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