Wednesday 11 January 2017

Demonstration washout for small group of fascists in Kent

A pathetic group of less than 20 Nazis from the South East Alliance turned up on Saturday to protest against the redevelopment of the Mosque in Maidstone. They were met by a counter protest called by Kent Anti Racism Network of over 40 people who occupied the pavement in front of the Mosque leaving the Nazis to huddle under a large hoarding on the other side of a dual carriageway.
The Nazis poor turnout was clearly affected by the number of their supporters currently in prison as a result of the violent riot they staged in Dover a year ago; counter protesters shouted “Your friends are in jail”. Although the SEA had advertised their protest to start at 11am there was no sign of them until 1.30pm when they turned up under Police escort. The counter protest had been joined by people from the Mosque who supplied teas, coffee and pizza while the Nazis stood miserably in the drizzle and slunk off an hour later. We were invited into the Mosque for tea and biscuits. A big fail for the SEA and a great result for anti-fascists in Kent.

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